My Best Friend’s Wedding

20 Oct

My BFF of 20 years got married a week ago in Michigan.  It wasn’t an egregious Kardashian-like wedding, nor was it a super frugal occasion that cost $591.12.  The nuptials took place in her beautiful hometown (population 2,000) on Lake Michigan, and there were 28 people.  It was perfect for who they are.

Bouquets for her country wedding (bride’s is the one on the far left).

I love my BFF like a sister, and for me, occasions like this are when I’m fine with spending money.  I save bucks on the smaller, everyday things so I have the money when I want to spend it.

I wanted to throw her a bridal shower (a tea party was at the top of the list), but the conundrum was that we were both in “not eating” mode for the Big Day.  So our celebration consisted of Burke-Williams massages, but we both had gift certificates to the place. (Mine was given to me 4 years ago. I suppose I should pamper myself more often if it’s already been given to me.)  I took her out for cocktails and dim sum after.  She didn’t want a bachelorette party.

Of course, I still tracked airfares to get a decently priced ticket, but I paid a $25 checked baggage fee for the first time in my life.  Usually, I try to fly on airlines that waive the first checked bag fee (props to Southwest and JetBlue), or I’m doing a carry-on.  It was only a 3-day/4-night trip with a red-eye, but I couldn’t downsize with the amount of wardrobe changes, make-up and bridal attendant tchotchkes that I had to bring “just in case.”  But in a nice case of happenstance, the ticket attendants at the airport were so harried when we were flying back that (multiple flights had been delayed because of a huge storm that backed up O’Hare Airport, where our layover was) that forgot to charge me for baggage on the return flight.

So this is why I haven’t been consistent on my blog as of late.  I’m not putting it out here as an excuse, but it is a reason.  As my BFF put it, “What am I going to do now?  I suppose now I’ll actually have to sit down and finish my book.”  Back to the grind!

The ice.


One Response to “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

  1. Asianmommy October 26, 2012 at 3:39 PM #

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion!

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