I Fell Off the Shoe-Buying Wagon

24 Aug

I had been doing fairly well.  I’m not on an official Spending Diet, but I hadn’t bought a pair since March.  And then I saw these:

Bandolino Edgey printed pump. Photo from the DSW website.

First of all, they’re Bandolino.  I love this brand; I consider it to be both stylish and functional.  Any pair of Bandolino shoes that I have bought has never failed me.  Secondly, they’re peep-toe.  I’m a sucker for peep-toe.  And the platform makes them much more deceptively comfortable than one would think.  Lastly, the pattern was unique and eye-catching.  Black peep-toes should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and latest fad is the patent leather nude one.  I wanted something different but still neutral.

I had actually been eyeing this pair via the DSW website (for those that are not shoe-aholics, that would stand for the Designer Shoe Warehouse) for over 2 months, and was taking my time to buy them.  Luckily, when you check to see if a product is in your size, they have a handy-dandy message that pops up to let you know if they have 5 or less pairs left in stock.  (ONLY 3 LEFT!  It screams at you.  In red, no less.)  When I checked on Monday, there was only 1 pair left in my size, which of course made me leap into action.

Even though I made a purchase, of course I sought out multiple discounts.  Normal price is $79; at DSW, they were already discounted to $59.95.

1.  If you make a purchase of over $35 on the DSW website, your shipping is free.  No costs in gasoline for a trip to the store or time expended.

2.  I had $15 in Rewards Certificates to use.  One was for $10 that had been issued to me back in the spring (of course, I’m a member of their free rewards program) that had been burning a hole in my online account.  The other was for $5, and I have no idea why it was in my account.  They might have put it there after a few months of inactivity to give me a nudge.  DSW knows their clientele.  Cost went down to $44.95.

3.  Again, through the trusty Mr. Rebates site, I got 10% cash back on my purchase.  Another $4.50 knocked off.

Cost was $40.45.  All in all, 49% off from the original retail price.  After adding sales tax, a total of $43.99. And I paid for them with a debit card, not a credit card.

Do I need these shoes?  No.  But it wasn’t an impulse buy, plus they will last me a long time.  I take good care of my shoes.  And I like pretty ones.

Disclaimer:  I am not receiving any compensation or products from DSW or Bandolino for writing about this.  I wish.


2 Responses to “I Fell Off the Shoe-Buying Wagon”

  1. Asianmommy August 26, 2012 at 7:17 PM #

    Wow–these are adorable–good deal!

    • Frugal Flip August 27, 2012 at 1:35 PM #

      Thanks for supporting my moment of weakness. 😉

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