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My Black Friday Purchases That Were $10 or Less

25 Nov

I was dragged out on Thanksgiving night/Black Friday morning.  My sister is even more obsessive about deals than I am, so I had a 90-minute nap and we did a marathon outing from 12:30 am to 6:00 am Friday morning.  If she hadn’t been visiting in town, I would have been perfectly content sleeping my turkey tryptophan away.

Here are the significant deals that I got:

Old Navy
– A half-zip fleece for my brother-in-law – $5 (regularly $16.94).  This price was only applicable between midnight and 4am.
– Black leggings – $5 (regular price $10)
– A black cotton Henley top ($6 (regular price $12.50)
– Flip-flops – $2.50 (regular price $3.94)

CVS Pharmacy
– Dental flossers – FREE ($2 with $2 Extra Bucks back)
– AAA batteries – FREE ($3.65 with $3.65 Extra Bucks back)
– A bag of peanut M&Ms and a Snickers bar – FREE ($1.50 with $1.50 Extra Bucks back)
– A Revlon lipstick – $2 ($6.99 with $4 Extra Bucks back)

I also had a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase, so once I threw in 2 boxes of their generic allergy medication ($4.99 each) of which I keep an on-going supply, I was over the $20.  I got the first 3 CVS items because they were essentially free, though I did end up using two of the batteries right away for a TV remote at my mother’s.

Toys R Us

We got there around 3:30 am, and it was UNBELIEVABLE how dead it was.  I only ended up getting these Animal Planet Storage in a Bucket things for my niece and nephew, at Buy One, Get One Free.  With sales tax, it was $11.95 for two sets.

– 3 live poinsettia plants (99 cents each)
– 1 fresh pine holiday wreath ($5)

– A cotton 2-piece pajama set – $10 (regularly $17.99)
– An oversized, super-plush throw blanket – $9.99 (regularly $14.99)

My sister got a couple of toys and some clothing for her family, so we received a $10 gift card that Target was giving for $50+ purchases made between 4am and noon on Friday.

Honestly, the worst part about it was the line at Old Navy.  They opened at midnight, and we got there at 12:30, so by the time we got there the lines were at peak length.  When we left an hour later, there were only about a dozen people in line.  Lesson learned there.

Was it worth the lost sleep?  Yes and no.  Some of the shopping is about the thrill of the hunt, and on that front it was enjoyable.  I also legitimately got a lot of my Christmas shopping done.  If all of the stores were as crowded as Old Navy, I likely would have gone home much earlier.  And as you can tell from my list of purchases, I certainly didn’t go after any of those deals on electronics that seem to drive crowds insane.

Now I only have one more holiday gift to buy, and of course I’ve been price-watching obsessively online.  I won’t post what it is here because it’s for my boyfriend and he’ll read this.  I hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend, whether or not you participated in the Black Friday madness.

Did you get any deals that you were particularly proud of?


Frugal Ethics: Where Do You Draw Your Lines?

19 Sep

As someone with a frugal mindset, I’m always on the lookout for freebies or out to save a buck for an expenditure.  So, where does your moral code come into play when it comes to cutting costs?

Here are some examples:

My workplace supplies free coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice, and the occasional lunch.  I’ve seen several of my co-workers (some who have been there for decades) taking drinks home at the end of the day so they don’t have to buy them.  The same goes for office supplies.

When I go to the movies, I usually put a bottle of water in my purse, and sometimes a granola or protein bar in case I get hungry.  I try not to drink soda, and I find that pretty much everything at the concession stands is overpriced and unhealthy.  Perhaps I first learned this from my mother, who would bring popcorn in baggies when she took us to the movies when we were little.  Yes, I will cave and buy the occasional popcorn, but that’s an exception and not the rule.

Photo credit: heavyhand_2007.

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Robbing Peter to Get a Discount from Paul…Sort Of

17 Aug

I’ve tweeted before about getting discounts from Shell gas stations, where they’ve made a deal with The Kroger Company.  If you shop at one of their stores – in my case, it’s Ralph’s supermarket – with your rewards card, you get 1 point for every dollar spent, which you can then redeem at any Shell station.  It’s currently 100 points for 20 cents off per gallon at any Shell station.

Since I live alone (also expect a post eventually about frugal living by yourself!), my grocery buying underpaces my gasoline consumption.  I usually fill up my tank every 7-10 days, and you can bet that I don’t buy $100 worth of groceries in that same amount of time!

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